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We believe that students should not pay for academic and professional development tools.  Plus, we understand that developers are constant learners given the dynamic nature of the field. At My Codely, students have unlimited access to the platform, completely free of charge.


Highlight Technical Proficiency

Track and display your technical skills to employers, showing a standardize proficiency level compared to other students in your demographic.  This allows employers to view your aptitude for learning, which helpful when it comes to reskilling or upskilling in the workforce.

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Display Side Projects

Have tech related activities you pursuit in your free time? Whether its an API you designed, or you recently attended a Hackathon, you are able to display that in the side projects section. This information is where your passions are displayed - and employers care about that! This is also incredibly helpful for students who are unable to pursue an internship, whether it be for financial or geographic reasons or due to the pandemic.


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