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Educators can assign one specific coding problem to the class, and request that students run it through My Codely.  This allows a very uniform assessment of the class and individualized scoring for students. Through uploading code to My Codely, students also upload to GitHub, which is a great resume/portfolio builder.

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Track Class Improvement

If an educator notices that there are major trends in the entire class in regards to improvement, they can reassess and adapt their teaching methods in a way that reflects the needs of the class.

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Gauge Individual Improvement

With My Codely metrics, educators are able to gain further insight into their students through our platform.  With specific metrics that analyze each student's code, professors can create a highly personalized education plan that conforms to students improvements and needs. If a student is not improving, educators can take notice and aid them, however if a student is excelling, they can challenge them with more material.


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