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Why Hire With Codely Technology?

In a field is constantly changing, hiring at tech companies is no longer about current capabilities, but rather, what applicants are capable of learning, and at what speed.  With our predictive analytics, employers are not only able to see current technical skills of a student, but, anticipated skills based off of tracked improvement.   Thus, we provide employers the unique metrics that quantify a students proficiency level as well as their aptitude for learning with our learnability score.

 We allow you to track promising students while they are still studying, and continuously track their educational journey so you can make an informed hiring decision.

Our connection with educational institutions creates a direct channel that allows companies to actively identify and search top, emerging talent at each institution.


Hire Smarter

Effectively comb through hundreds of applicants

Employers can view the top students based on personal metrics (ie. top 10% of python coders, or, highest learnability scores) across institutions.


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