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Founded by two female roommates both studying tech in college, My Codely is redefining the hiring process for students looking to enter technology jobs.  We believe that the hiring process needs to be redefined. At My Codely, we highlight students potential and passion, while using data to champion diversity and inclusivity.

At My Codely we provide technical assessments, and track student's improvement over time to provide comprehensive metrics to employers looking to hire.  Our program not only communicates a students current skills, but, information on reskilling and upskilling potential based on code improvement. Not only does this give employers more metrics on an applicant to make informed hiring decisions, but, it gives students a way to quantify their skills without relevant job experience.   



My Codely offers a variety of services to different groups. Whether you're an educator, student, or an employer looking to hire, explore our options below to see how My Codely could support you.


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Communicate your skills

Becoming a developer takes years, and in a field that's constantly changing, you are going to be continuously learning. MyCodely gives you insight into this learning process; what languages you learn quickest, how you compare to peers, and the technical statistics of employees at your dream jobs.


Professor & Students

Learn how your students learn

MyCodely provides two major benefits for educators: a comprehensive auto-grader of student code, and the ability to actively track student's technical improvements. Not only does this save educator's time, but it allows them to pick out students who are not improving.


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Find next generation tech talent

As more students pursuit technical degrees, we need hiring methods catered to this group. We give employers metrics on how quickly students can learn new code, how proficient they are in various languages, and how they stack up to other peers at their universities.


Our Technology

We utilize an industry standard static code analyzer API to produce metrics on the quality of student code. This includes on correctness, readability, complexity and N other factors, which are then pushed through our algorithm to give a single comprehensive grade on that set of code. Students repeat this process through continuously submitting code that is then graded to produce a score on improvement.

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C.E.O. and Co-Founder

Jody Bell

Jody Bell, originally from Connecticut, is a rising sophomore at the College of Charleston.  A long-time advocate for woman in business, she went through the first class of  Girls With Impact,  a woman focused mini-MBA course, in 2017. She went on to launch her first venture, In Case of Deportation , at 16, which received international press. She then went on to serve as an Advisor for Girls With Impact.  Currently, she remains active in the start-up and philanthropic field, and is going to be a speaker at TedX Charleston this coming September. 

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